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Article I - Capital Exchange Disclosure Statement

Article I: Capital Exchange Disclosure Statement

Capital Exchange (CapEx) is a fictional stock market simulation game operating for entertainment and educational purposes only, and currently exists solely in support of Second Life®, a feature-rich online 3-D virtual world including an "economy" and a "currency" ($Linden) operated and supported by Linden Research, Inc. Capital Exchange ( is not affiliated with Linden Research, Inc. For more information regarding Second Life® please visit (

To be very clear, Capital Exchange is not a real-world stock exchange and does not offer opportunity for direct real-world investment or profit. Shares purchased on this stock exchange simulation game do not entitle you to any legal real-world rights to a listed virtual company. Please play accordingly!

CapEx operates within the Second Life® environment, and beyond its boundaries via our website which acts as a clearinghouse for the trading of CapEx-listed "Stocks" and "$Lindens". The underlying companies are fictitious and none of the companies offer "registered" investment quality securities for sale in any form whatsoever via our website. Lindens used to purchase virtual stock here are in essence being transferred to the ownership of the person you are buying the virtual shares from, and not Capital Exchange. All stock and shares purchased are for purely entertainment only, and not considered part/whole ownership in any legal entity or real life company.

The terms "profit" and "earnings" as used within the context of the website, and any claim of monetary value therein, relates solely and specifically to the valuation of $Lindens as specified in the Linden Lab Terms of Service, Section 1.4 (

The $Linden "currency" is a limited license right available for purchase or free distribution at Linden Lab's sole discretion, and is not redeemable for monetary value from Linden Labor from

CapEx offers no direct opportunity for conversion of ($Lindens) to legal tender currencies including $US Dollars. Linden Lab does offer an Exchange, called LindeX™, for the trading of $Lindens. Please refer to the Linden Lab Terms of Service, Section 1.5 for information regarding LindeX™ transactions.

Notwithstanding the warnings herein, CapEx as designed and offered is a serious stock simulation game. The participants here “play for keeps” and their time and $Linden-based holdings represent a considerable investment in our community.

Your participation here is not without risk. You could lose some or all of your $Lindens invested here. Only invest here what you can afford to lose.

There are additional policies, rules and Terms of Service for participation as published and amended from time-to-time. Please review and fully understand them before playing.

Finally, the operators of make no representation of any kind regarding the accuracy, fitness for purpose, or use of the software residing at ( Your use of the software in any manner whatsoever shall constitute an understanding and acceptance of this Disclosure Statement in its entirety. The individuals who operate the software residing at ( offer no warranty and offer no remedies whatsoever for its use or consequence. You play this stock simulation game at your own risk.

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